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san gaudenzio

San Gaudenzio Rimini

San Gaudenzio Rimini is the patron saint of Rimini, which each year attracts the beautiful town, audiences of all ages coming from all over Italy and abroad. A feast to enjoy with your family, children and all friends of mirth and joy. The event sponsored by the city, takes place every year in the historic centre of Rimini.
In Piazza Cavour and along the streets of downtown, there will be many stands of gastronomy and typical products, jewelry, sundries and lots of music! You will also be able to witness the solemn mass in the Cathedral to celebrate the Patron Saint. As usual, will not even the usual and expected St. Tombola Gaudenzo in Piazza Cavour, Rimini ...

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Halloween in the Park in Romagna

There are many good reasons to book your stay in the beautiful riviera Halloween romagonala and one of these is the ability to spend Halloween in the Park in Romagna, a real joy to children and adults of all ages. In fact, many of theme parks the riviera romagnola are open for this tetra party and are ready to propose the best rides, shows and themed events ...

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eventi gastronomici ottobre

Gastronomic events October

Autumn has arrived and the beautiful Adriatic coast are celebrated, with the occasion, including a large number of festivals and Gastronomic events October dedicated to the delights of the season. Protagonists in the Rimini area are chestnuts and truffles and among the most eagerly awaited events, we report the National fair of white truffle, event held in the historic centre of Sant'agata Feltria every Sunday in October which will allow local specialties, extolling the famous white truffle dishes and this ingredient. The chestnut will be starring with the Chestnut Festival of Montefiore Conca And the Chestnut fair of Valmarecchia. These opportunities to see local chestnuts Talamello in particular will be given space to marron ...

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Transitalia Marathon

Rimini sports events September

There are so many customers Rimini sports events September, that are celebrated in this wonderful month where the Sun is still warm but warmer days are ideal to sport on the beach and beyond. In Rimini is staged Transitalia Marathon4 stages, a location which provides 4 days aboard motorcycle off road from Piazzale Fellini, touching the town of Fabriano, Lioness and Sulmona discovering natural places and unspoiled landscapes on two wheels. This event fascinates all lovers of two wheels and draws a large presence of fans from all over Italy and beyond, to feel emotions! Those who want to move to the beautiful and picturesque city of San Marino, can also attend the Romagna Uphill Cycling Challenge, a race ...

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la-pis-un-po-ma-tot-bellaria_img533 (1)

The pis kinda but tot

September is a month for the magic tied the flavors of fine dining, one of them is The pis kinda but tot to discover the mythical piadina romagnola. A big party that delights children and adults and entire families and groups of friends and couples who love the famous piadina romagnola in every version, full of delicious ingredients and genuine. An event that celebrates the tradition of food and traditional flavours with piadina shops, wine tasting, typical products, crafts, music and shows. Like any self-respecting event on the beautiful Adriatic coast, don't miss the flea market where you can search among many subjects, those of greatest interest and some gift idea. Between 18 ...

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Gastronomic Events September

There are so many customers Gastronomic Events September held in the beautiful Adriatic coast that has a special heart associated with taste, flavours and culinary tradition. The holidays never end in Romagna, and also at the end of the season you can experience intense emotions related to the taste not to be missed. In fact there are numerous festivals dedicated to the specialty of September, a month that offers numerous opportunities for lovers of good food and good drinks; in particular, some of these events are centred on wine, being September harvest month ...

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Flora Trade Show MacFrut

Macfrut and Flora Trade Show

It is one of the most popular fairs in Rimini, Macfrut and Flora Trade Show, is the annual event to Rimini Fair, dedicated to the floriculture and fruit and vegetables. The fair features a large exhibition offer a 360° over the entire fruit and vegetable sector and of floriculture, with technical and scientific debates, conferences, meetings, events and technical tours Tours can meet all needs and curiosities of firms in addition to over 350 global buyers. In addition are also scheduled meetings and conventions of the major exhibiting companies, not only, the grand entrance hall of Rimini Fiera will host show cooking and cooking with quality fruit and vegetables, together with top chefs in the industry ...

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Crazy bike without borders

Who said that Carnival is a purely winter event? The summer Carnival exists and is called Crazy bike without borders. This is the most carefree summer party and you live in Rimini with your family and friends! Choose how to disguise, but especially travesti in an original and unique your bike and join pointing to victory! Crazy bike Without boundaries, is the more extravagant never conceived before, that every year, with each new edition, porta Rimini seafront two wheels the most bizarre ever seen! But the most important thing is that the loop-event is first of all a feast for young and old. It participates in the cycling event, disguising themselves and their vehicles in the most extravagant way possible ...

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Eventi Gastronomici Rimini

Gastronomic Events Rimini

Every year there are regularly the best gastronomic events Rimini, many unmissable dates that they do appreciate the excellent local cuisine. In particular, the month of August in Rimini, is always associated with the Sun, the sea, the beaches in the fun, but also to food enjoyed by all Italian and foreign tourists who don't want to miss a single Festival, exhibition and event. All these special occasions, to discover tastes and specialties of this land. And during the month of August in Rimini and in all places of the Adriatic coast, held town held festivals and events designed to offer the public some of the most popular local productions, making room in particular wine and the fish ...

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7s_sg (1)

7 's giò no Rimini

7 's giò no Rimini is the event dedicated to all tourists throughout the summer, until September, like to keep fit even in summer, indeed, decidedly prefer it because the festive atmosphere is a great incentive, even for those who want to start. In fact for many, the 7 a.m. are not merely a timetable, but a real lifestyle, 7 represent the quietest time to do the most amazing things just like running! For this reason it is designed 7 's the very special outreach program giò no Rimini race thought for all those who want to keep fit and active while on holiday ...

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