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Ferris Wheel

One of the most beautiful and romantic attractions in Rimini is the Ferris Wheel, that leaves everyone literally speechless, both Italian and foreign tourists. Every year the Ferris wheel keeps turning the sea into Piazzale Boscovich (port of Rimini). In this way children and adults have the opportunity to experience pure, views and emotions experienced naturally from another perspective, a kind of air travel "unforgettable". Everyone is then offered the opportunity to enjoy the scenery of Rimini to 60 meters tall ...

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Fiabilandia Amusement Park

From 25 March 2016 reopens Fiabilandia Amusement Park. And this year the fun continues with GonFiabilandia, a large number of colorful inflatable slide, jump, where kids can romp freely. Also new aquatic area that 2016 is getting bigger and bigger with pinocchio's show live. At Fiabilandia your family and friends discover the nature with the Lake of Bernardo and ornithology, where you can admire several examples of wildlife: ducks, germani, fish and turtles ...

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Augustinians Cinema under the stars

Augustinians Cinema under the stars is the appointment with the art-house films that awaits you in Rimini for the entire month of August. The appointment is at 21.30 hours, with large and essential emotions of "Cinema under the stars", where you will see the most beautiful film of the year in a unique and amazing. If you love movies, this is an event you absolutely can't miss, in an exceptional location where Rimini.

Here's the schedule for August:

  • Monday, August 3
    Henry Vaime presents
    THE BIN 60 years later
    by Federico Fellini, Italy/France 1955 (104 min)
  • Tuesday, August 4
    MY DAUGHTER HAS ARRIVED! (Que horas ela time?)
    by Anna Muylaert, 2015 Brazil (87 ')
  • Wednesday, August 5
    by Gianni Di Gregorio, Italy 2014 (87 ')
  • Thursday, August 6
    A PIGEON ...
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overgate extreme

Overgate Extreme

Something unique and sensational happening at Rimini, comes a unique event without equal: Overgate Extreme. Get ready for the biggest Hardcore event on the riviera on August 8, 2015. The hardcore sound that from 90 to date has made history in Italy, you will upset throughout the night, echoing the fabulous and huge garden Rimini ECU for an event unique:
3 Stage hardcore, early hardcore & millennium, Fernandez & industrial more than 30 & guest dj set from all over Europe!


KORSAKOFF Master of Hardcore
NOIZE SUPPRESSOR Master of Hardcore
MISS ENEMY Darkside Unleashed
GIULY all the best Swiss raves
INSANE S Gabber Italia
MC SYCO Masters of Hardcore


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Max Pezzali in concert

Max Pezzali in concert on 26 September 2015, the 105 Stadium Rimini, propose to all fans a live event really unforgettable. This is the second leg of the tour began in Ancona. The tour follows the release of new album, released on June 1 and Max Starship preceded by the single "it's Friday". Online you can buy tickets to this concert by the thousand and more excitement. There is great anticipation for this concert that in addition to the new songs will also propose the songs in "Max 20 sec including" the universe except us. " We also remember the incredible career of former 883, with great duets with famous singers, in Italy and abroad, that have marked the career of Max, making him one of the greatest Italian artists ...

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’ Rimini Ireland party

There will be a big event in Rimini, where no one can miss and is the Ireland Festival of Rimini. One night where unbridled fun going to freak, where together with friends you can also play the legendary game of darts and where you can be portrayed with friends, or with glasses of beer, for a souvenir photo, the most unlikely positions. How many rivers, indeed, seas of beer, (but don't overdo it), you are willing to drink? You can test yourself with the legendary Guinness, the beer of Ireland which is served along with the richest and most succulent dishes: pork shank cooked in beer, fish & chips, Colcannon, mixed Grill, sports, dessert and so much more ...

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Rimini Afro 2015 Festival

Ready to experience a 360° the largest gathering of African music ever seen before? Rimini Afro 2015 Festival, is preparing to begin the 4 ^ memorable Edition, thanks to the extraordinary location of the yellow flag of Rimini, which for many is a good memory, for others maybe, a pleasant discovery, while the memories flow in rivers ... Indeed, a mari! Make a note of this date: 18 July 2015and maybe bring a pillow, because you'll be at the yellow flag for 12 hours! Together to make the event, Italy's most famous DJs of the scene Afro, Reggae and Reggawood and will not just music, but in order not to betray the tradition, we will celebrate a real show filled with entertainment: jugglers, tightrope walkers, ethno-Romagnolo market with all ...

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80 Running 2015

80 Running 2015, is the first non-competitive March dedicated to the legendary ' 80 that reaches this year its fourth edition, after the great success of the previous editions. Gli anni ' 80 have a fascination in some ways beyond description, and they also bring all the memories and flavors of the riviera romagnola. The boys of the 80 are well aware of can't forget those feelings and those emotions that you lived really out of breath ... And that's why this year will be a lot of people who are willing to participate, with the right spirit, who has not forgotten to 80 Running 2015. You will walk 7 km in free rhythm through the streets of four municipalities involved, in a path that from San Mauro Mare leads participants, all equipped with a nice ...

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Anime night 2015

Return to Rimini, one of the most anticipated events: Anime Night 2015! Saturday, July 18 at 2015, Dj 23:30 mishi presents the 7th Edition, disco I club of Rimini Marina Centro. It is the largest Italian evening dedicated to anime/cartoon! This year the event will be shocking to say the least, and the bodies will move to the rhythm of the greatest music of all time. To wait for all the guys from all over Italy and abroad participating in the ' Souls Night, 2015 There will be 5 guest dj, dancefloor and bar 2 2, available for all night till the break of dawn!
Only with anime night witness to cartoon-biggest party of all time! The location is easy to reach: the anime night will take place at the disco I. ..

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Special Pink Night

For the pink night and for weeks by the end of June, our Hotel with swimming pool near Rimini offers very attractive conditions in all-inclusive formula. In addition to the full board there is an umbrella and 2 sunbeds. Also if you book the week will promote every day even on nights particulars of the pink night.

Special pink night and week end of June

From July 01 to 08 July
7 days from Saturday to Saturday
just €375.00 All Inclusive

per person per week
(€53.50 per person per day)

Are you ready for the most colorful and long night of the summer?

Our offer includes:

  • Accommodation in standard roomwith air conditioning and private bathrooms, garden side
  • Full Board with buffet breakfast dol ...
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