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Ever vegfest

As each year goes back to September Ever vegfest, Al Parco Fellini, the Festival that promotes raw food vegan style/on the basis of knowledge of nutrition and healthy lifestyle.
Each year the event aims to present a shortlist of conferees can inform exhaustively all purposes of choice. There are many topics and issues from year to year are addressed,
information always better up to date on what it's like to eat meat in terms of pollution and malnutrition in poor countries.
The most important current veg physicians will speak instead of feeding all round, i.e. the veg diet at different stages of our lives, for athletes and not as a means of prevention for our health.
Various DJs and ...

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Ospedale delle Tartarughe

Turtle hospital

The turtle hospital is definitely an attraction of great interest to anyone booking a holiday atHotels near Rimini. Since 1994 the Foundation manages a marine turtle rescue centre, one of the most important and active of the nation and the Adriatic. In the Center were treated and returned to the sea more than 300 turtles. The turtle hospital you can visit to see what and how much is equipped with: rehabilitation of 15,000 litres, connected with two baths, 1000 litres, all associated with a UVB filter system, and heating; three baths, 1500 liters with filter system and heating, a hot tub and 1500 litre removable quarantine of 600 liters ...

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Claudio Baglioni and Gianni Morandi

It is the couple of the moment, the two friends set off together on this trip, for an experience of music to write and sing: Claudio Baglioni and Gianni Morandi "if they sing and we sing". After the resounding successes by twelve events, in the Central Arena of the Foro Italico in Rome and two triumphant evenings on October 6 and 7, live tv on RaiUno, a huge request and call, "captains courageous" – Claudio Baglioni and Gianni Morandi – meet and depart, for the first time together on tour. And arrive in Rimini on 02 April 2016 to 105 Stadium...

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Giardini d'Autore 2016

Giardini d'Autore 2016 is the event that concerns the world of gardening and botanical collectors adored. This year's event celebrates its 15th Edition, and you can help from 18 to 20 March 2016 in Rimini, Parco Federico Fellini. This year, to celebrate the event in an even more amazing and exhaustive, the municipality of Rimini and Anthea launch contest"riminingreen addressed to landscapers, designers, nurserymen, artists and gardeners. The aim of the competition is to bring all the minds of participants to think creatively green key, designing urban spaces to give the right aesthetic value and quality to the territory.

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Bowling Seventies di Cerasolo di Rimini

Bowling Rimini

On vacation in the beautiful Adriatic coast, have fun all together, friends, relatives and children at Bowling Riminisuper equipped with 12 tracks just like the original American bowling alleys, which ensure the perfect sliding ball. And if in between games and the other comes the lure of fame, you'll choose between tasty burgers and tasty pasta dishes, including of course the wraps and sandwiches. The American Bar serves delicious cocktails, beers and soft drinks! But the Bowling Rimini It is also a well equipped Play Park with children's play area, facilities, tailored for small games and even an electric bike! Play and fun, in this case adults, continues in the slot machine with machines of new ge ...

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Therapeutic Himalayan Concert

Wednesday, December 22 is staged in Rimini on Therapeutic Himalayan Concert, which we can define as "the other side of Christmas". For all the people who have decided to start right from Christmas to take care of yourself, this is the best chance to get closer to the Mantra, or the sound vibration that frees the mind. During the concert you will hear the voice of Thea Crudi that will accompany you in the exaltation of this amazing spiritual journey through the Himalayan healing power of mantras and sacred sounds of singing bowls ...

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Concert Jovanotti Rimini

The highly anticipated Concert Jovanotti Riminito be held on 19 November in Rimini. With this data, in the beautiful town of the riviera romagnola, part "Lawrence in sports arenas." After the tour the stadiums, it's time for Lorenzo Cherubini, aka Jovanotti, beginning the winter tour in sports arenas. The first date of Rimini, mirrors the fall tour supporting his latest tranche studio album, Lorenzo 2015 cc ". Mark then for this date: date the next 19 November to 105 Stadium Rimini for a two-day concert! To follow Michael Jackson will make a stop at the Mediolanum Forum di Assago (Milan, 27 and 28 November), the Hydro in Bologna (21 December) and at PalaLottomatica in Rome (27 and 28 June) ...

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Augustinians Cinema under the stars

Augustinians Cinema under the stars is the appointment with the art-house films that awaits you in Rimini for the entire month of August. The appointment is at 21.30 hours, with large and essential emotions of "Cinema under the stars", where you will see the most beautiful film of the year in a unique and amazing. If you love movies, this is an event you absolutely can't miss, in an exceptional location where Rimini.

Here's the schedule for August:

  • Monday, August 3
    Henry Vaime presents
    THE BIN 60 years later
    by Federico Fellini, Italy/France 1955 (104 min)
  • Tuesday, August 4
    MY DAUGHTER HAS ARRIVED! (Que horas ela time?)
    by Anna Muylaert, 2015 Brazil (87 ')
  • Wednesday, August 5
    by Gianni Di Gregorio, Italy 2014 (87 ')
  • Thursday, August 6
    A PIGEON ...
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Eros Ramazzotti in concert

Eros Ramazzotti in concert in Rimini, will be present on 12 September 2015 -Start event hours 21:00. The beautiful town of Romagna, lover of good music, but especially of the great emotions, will have the honor to host the first concert of the tour by Eros Ramazzotti. From here they leave then the dates of other live events, to be held in Italy and in other countries of the world.
The concert is a special preview, which anticipates the official debut at the Arena di Verona. For all fans of Romagna, and beyond, Eros Ramazzotti, this September, is without any doubt, the concert not to be missed, an exclusive opportunity to witness for the first time at a concert of the new tour.
Rimini concert of Eros Ramazzotti W. ..

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’ Rimini Ireland party

There will be a big event in Rimini, where no one can miss and is the Ireland Festival of Rimini. One night where unbridled fun going to freak, where together with friends you can also play the legendary game of darts and where you can be portrayed with friends, or with glasses of beer, for a souvenir photo, the most unlikely positions. How many rivers, indeed, seas of beer, (but don't overdo it), you are willing to drink? You can test yourself with the legendary Guinness, the beer of Ireland which is served along with the richest and most succulent dishes: pork shank cooked in beer, fish & chips, Colcannon, mixed Grill, sports, dessert and so much more ...

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