Eden Park

Eden Park

For those who want to organize a holiday to discover nature, to Eden Park is a place that you can't miss. The OASIS for birds is the "big house" of these beautiful specimens that you can admire in their total beauty. The goal of the Park is to allow playback then captivity of endangered aquatic speciesthrough the creation of a suitable environment and welcoming. The Park It covers 35,000 square meters, on which the animals move in complete freedom. Inside the OASIS you will also find many species of plants located between waterworks, in perfect harmony, to form the picturesque botanical garden. The Park also has an educational purpose and cultural and is evidenced by the Zoological and botanical cards illustrating the characteristics of each animal and each plant.
The freedom of animals inside the Park is absolute
so don't expect to find them in laying ready for a photograph! It is you who need to locate them and then surprise!

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